Some people are alarmed that it is now Daylight Savings time. “We have to get up for work in darkness, they exclaimed. “I’m tired from working a full day and it is hard driving home in the dark after a stressful day.”But even if we didn’t acknowledge Daylight Saving’s Time, it is safe to say no matter, because in reality over 50% of the world’s population is walking in darkness What, you say that is absurd! Where did I get those statistics? Let me explain! The light of the body is the eye. The eyes are the windows of the soul. In him was life and the life is the light of man (life=light of man). God says the light of my approval and favor is upon you. The endurance of God’s words gives light. He has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. That light is a source for the righteous and gladness for the upright in heart. Yet, too often we fail to follow that light to let it shine in our lives. We want to follow our own ideas and natures. We are told it is silliness and folly to follow an unknown spiritual being. WE KNOW BEST! And yet when our plans fall apart our hearts break The word (bible) is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Walk while you have the light lest darkness come upon you. For he that walks in darkness knoweth not where he goeth. While you have light, believe in the light that ye may be the children of light.

Every good gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights. The Lord is my light and my salvation who shall I fear. The Lord is the strength of my life. Lord lifts up the light of thy countenance upon us. The people of this world have blinded the minds of them that believe lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine into them. We need to make the face to shine upon thy servant and let them not be ashamed. Blessed are the people who know thy beautiful sound. They shall walk in the light.

There he was a young handsome nineteen year old, standing at the front bumper of my newly washed silver Mustang. He smiled and politely asked me if I would like to buy a huge chocolate bar wrapped in shiny gold paper. He whispered that the money would be going to a good cause. I balked! I loved chocolate, but knew in the long run that the repercussions of digesting it would be profound. Within hours, I would have a pounding migraine headache. Yet it would require a strong willpower to resist it. And of course it would be going to a good cause. I impulsively took money from my purse and told him to keep the bar and I would just donate to his cause. “ No” he exclaimed,” I need to show that I sold the bar”. Frustrated and discouraged he opened up to me relating that he had just gotten out of rehab and it was his third time sober. “But he remarked, I have been clean and sober for over thirty days.” He told me his drug of choice had been Cocaine and he was finding it very difficult to stay clean. He exclaimed, I don’t WANT TO GO BACK! He told me he wanted to succeed this time and that he had accepted God and given his life to Christ and that he was now establishing a relationship with him. I told him how proud I was of him that he had taken that first step. And that God really loved him. I explained that a relationship with God is so important and that it is the glue that holds ones life together when everything around one seems to becoming unglued. I reflected that I didn’t realize I needed a relationship with Christ until much later in life. I told him that my faith, belief and trust in God had saved my life. It had saved me from abuse as a child. It had saved me when chaos and drugs were all around me. It had prevented me from forging into darkness and evil and brought life and light into my existence because it strengthened me. He told me he had never believed and that because he didn’t have a relationship with the Lord he had filled that void with sex, drugs and alcohol starting at a very young age. He remarked that because so many young people don’t believe and don’t have that strong support structure they have succumbed and been led into darkness which he believed had added to the drug epidemic. They have made drugs, pleasure and sex their Gods and their idols Yes, I agreed. I have thanked the Lord over and over many times that I had seen his light and believed and hadn’t succumbed to peer pressure. “But for the grace of God, go I” I wanted to make everything right for this young man, but I realized GOD IS IN CONTROL! So before I left him there I prayed that he would follow God’s word. AND STAY IN THE LIGHT! I often wonder what happened to him so I hold him in my heart and I often pray. Prayer is strong. Prayer can heal. Prayer is communication with GOD! Yes, I know how deeply GOD loves him.

GOD also loves you so very much. ARE you basking in his brightness? Are you receiving his love? Most importantly……..ARE YOU WALKING IN HIS LIGHT?”

Are You Safe

SAFE is described as freedom from risk or danger. Ones feeling of security and protection. How many of us feel protected and secure? Each day when we leave to go to school or work do we really feel protected or do we have a false feeling of security. There are many objects and procedures put in place to make us feel safe. For example, automatic streetlights that change regularly so we can cross the street in an orderly manner. There are crossing guards at school crosswalks to guide us safely across the street to the other side. Does anyone often stop to contemplate the probability of an accident because a person failed to obey the streetlight or ran carelessly across the intersection and didn’t obey the crossing guard? But it does happen, and most likely because we can’t control everyone. We often take our safety for granted. Suddenly I was hit by this fact of taking our American regulations for granted when I visited China in the late summer three years ago. Crossing the busy bustling streets was at my own peril. I was forced to dart across wide streets as belligerent honking cars raced by. I ran because I didn’t want to end up as road kill. Fearing for my life had not been an everyday occurrence in America.

Looking back on my life as a small child living on a large farm in Idaho, I remember many incidents I had taken for granted. There are simply too many to mention here. But in my later years as I became closer to my dear lord, I realized he had been looking out for me all along. Sure, everyone goes through trials and tribulations because after all we are on a journey here and sometimes it is not an easy one. But the ability to depend on a loving Jesus as he showers his protecting love on us makes us able to face times when we suffer. And it makes it easier to know that the Lord also will be a refuge in times of trouble. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I had just returned from church services. I was very tired because I had been up late the night before grading quarterly research papers and I still had a large pile of papers yet to grade and record. I felt a two-hour nap would be sufficient and then I would start the lengthy process. Never in my wildest dreams did I suspect a tragic or horrifying experience would be awaiting me. I don’t know how long I had been at rest, but as I turned over in bed I saw a gray ghostlike figure standing at the foot of my bed. I blinked my foggy eyes trying to clear them. Was I still dreaming or was there a person standing there blatantly staring at me? “Hello” the figure voiced to me as he started to move closer to the bed. Oh my Gosh, this was really a real person standing there and not an apparition! I knew I had two choices. I could run and try to make it out my front apartment door before he caught me. Or I could stay in bed underneath the covers hoping it was a dream and that he would just go away. Somehow I realized neither option seemed reasonable. And so underneath by breath as I so often had done as a child, I prayed! Dear God, What should I do?? At that moment, the phone next to my bed rang. I slowly reached for it and picked it up. It was my male neighbor Mark. I hardly knew him. He had never been to my apartment but I knew he liked to hunt and had guns. “Oh Mark I exclaimed, your coming over right away huh? And you’re bringing your 357 magnum. Good, I’ll see you right away. I hung up!” “Mark is on his way over and he is bringing his gun. You had better go, I exclaimed!” Within seconds the strange man at the end of the bed took off. As he ran towards the front door of my apartment, he bumped into Mark. And then he was gone, never to be seen again. I WAS SAFE!

Thank you Dear Lord, for your protecting love. Mark had called just in time. He had never called me before. Remember …GOD, is our good Shepard. For we are able to face times of danger for he takes care of his own. I hope that you too, will make God your dear Shepard and dwell in his protection. Allow his love as a foundation of joy, peace and purpose in your heart.


What if you trusted in God and he gave you everything you wanted? It is good to trust in the Lord, but is it really good to get everything your heart desires even if it is not really good for you. I submit to you that we do have free choice and a choice to choose what is good for us as well as what is bad for us. “However, personal freedom has to do with a decision to protect the heart, mind, and body from evil influences?” CHARLES STANLEY  Several years ago I wanted what I wanted and I didn’t care about being that obedient to GOD and his positive rules for my life. I didn’t realize that his tenets were not put in place to stop me from having fun in my life, but to protect my heart and soul. I only sought him when I was hurting. I took him off the shelve for my benefit. I didn’t realize I needed to keep him always in my life. And I was to take God permanently off of the shelve and obey his commandments. And that there could be value to me in living a positive life. This reasoning became apparent when a boyfriend that I thought would become a permanent fixture in my life suddenly dumped me. This was to be a permanent relationship with marriage as the conclusion. Heading off to my local church, I sought solace and comfort from God and felt so helpless and hurting. Upon reaching the entrance to the chapel a middle age woman accosted me. “So happy to have you here, she blurted. Welcome, Welcome, God is good,” She exclaimed, and then she quoted moving words and scripture that I wasn’t interested in hearing or willing to listen too. This was one of the reasons I had neglected coming to church in the first place. People always accosting me trying to save me and wanting to espouse their favorite reasons to convince me to love and obey the LORD. Didn’t she see that I was hurting? Did she not have any compassion? Just a religious nut, I thought. She then told me that when she was hurting she recited the 23rd PSALM sometimes over and over perhaps 100 times. Oh lardy, I though this woman is crazed. Didn’t she see my pain and anguish? What about me, me and me? Then she directed me to my seat. She said “The 23RD PSALM is so wonderful especially for me. You see I have three months to live. I have been diagnosed with an incurable type of CANCER!” I paused…….. I WAS WORRIED about a boyfriend dumping me? …How could I be so SELFISH?

Fast forward years later. I have had many trials and conflicts in my life some near death escapes, but I too wake up in the middle of the night repeating the 23RD PSALM and it peacefully gets me back to sleep. I often say it during the day when I am accosted by evil. It begins… THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD I SHALL NOT WANT!  I CHALLENGE YOU to Learn the rest of it for yourself. It will comfort you. It is HEALING!  A footnote…Is it good for GOD to give you what you want? The boyfriend that dropped me has since had three destructive and unhealthy marriages and divorces. Now my heart is calmer because God had a better plan for me. And he is permanently OFF THE SHELVE AND FOREVER IN MY LIFE! “WHEN I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, I SHALL FEAR NO EVIL… HIS SWORD AND HIS STAFF THEY COMFORT ME!”

Have you turned on the LIGHTS?




As I sat in the dark room feeling the anguish and pain of my mother’s death, guilt encircled me. Maybe if I had gotten up at 2:00 AM TO GIVE HER THE MORPHINE to alleviate her cancerous pain? Instead, I had overslept, awakening at 3:00 AM and then rushed to her bedside to find her gone. Where had she disappeared to? Surely, her body was still there warm and alive when I kissed her goodnight and lay down earlier that evening. How could I cope? A deep pain traveled through my stomach, and heart coming to rest in my body. It was as if I had been hit with a giant sledgehammer. Then in the silence I remembered the one who always pulled me through the pain,the challenges and abuse that I had experienced in my childhood…GOD. And I silently repeated the words, “When I sit in darkness the LORD shall be a light unto me. (Micah 7:8) and my lips slowly mouthed the words. “Thank you, dear LORD for your precious light. Keep my vision clear that I may travel on your lighted pathway”. It takes courage to follow the Light of Christ our Savior especially now at this time on this earth and in these days. There are so many that are turning off to GOD, the bible, and Jesus to follow their own ways. Yes, they know best. After all, my friend had recently remarked, “I am Spiritual.” I don’t need GOD! I am perfectly capable of taking care of MYSELF!

What does that mean? I had observed that her life was full of chaos. She had often called me asking for solace. At some point in our lives we will all face fearful situations and loss and death, and to me those fears are so much easier to face if we believe in GOD. There is a GOD who loves us and desires for us to face our fears with courage. If God is in the equation, our courage is strengthened. This quality of mind and spirit enables us to meet danger and life’s challenges with fearlessness, calmness and firmness.” God has not given us a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind. His promise empowers us. “I will be with you, I will not fail you or forsake you. (V:15 Joshua). The light switched on. The coroner had arrived. “Is this your mom? He exclaimed. I was no longer in darkness. I realized because my mother was a believer and trusted in GOD she was not there. She was now immediately present with GOD. And although her body remained on earth, she was not there. For us too, when we die our bodies will remain on earth but our souls can and will be with GOD. If we choose to believe and follow his light. I now felt peaceful! Then a thought pierced my mind. What about those that don’t believe and trust? What about my “spiritual friend? I then prayed that she would be able to receive GOD’S precious light in her life and choose to travel on that lighted pathway. And too, my prayers go out for those reading these words. HAVE YOU TURNED ON THE LIGHT? Don’t sit in darkness choose to flick on the switch and follow the positive light of our LORD AND SAVIOR! IT WORKS!



With so much unhappiness in the world why should one laugh? I was told if I could count calories, every time I laughed it would consist of 40 calories. So that means if I laugh 10 times that would be 400 calories or equal to a gigantic dish of caramel ice cream. That seems like a ticket to happiness. This is important to me because gaining weight is a real issue in my life. So now I’ve been on a diet for three days and so far I have gained three pounds. What’s up with that?? I should have laughed about that and used up some calories, but instead I went to the refrigerator and ate a cold ice coconut bar to relieve the stress of the weight gain. This morning I woke up to the reflection in the mirror of a large red bozo nose. This could only be my punishment for ingesting too much sugar. Still I know I must laugh because after all laughing increases the endorphins and helps the immune system. Then I can lose weight. But how can you laugh at a big bozo nose staring back at you in the mirror? I decided to just ignore it and concentrate on laughing and on losing weight. When my friend called me I told her about laughing and burning calories. She got angry with me and told me she was not overweight and hung up on me. When the phone rang again, I thought it was Jane calling back, but it was my other friend Linda. I told her about my new laughing diet and she said she should try it or she would never fit into her new shorts before the fourth of July.

Today my husband got annoyed with me. He said, “Why are you laughing all the time when nothing seems to be funny?” So I decided to give him relief and went shopping for groceries for dinner. When I arrived at the store, they had just put out fresh loaves of French bread on a nearby rack. I knew I couldn’t buy it, but I thought if I bought it for my husband maybe he wouldn’t be so angry about all my laughing. Then in checking out of the food lane, I told the checker “I hope I can get home before I open the French bread and eat it.” She said well you could have just stood by it and smelled it. I told her I used to do that when I went shopping with my first husband in the bakery section. He would scream “ what I are you doing?” I told him I was sniffing and he said, “STOP IT, YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME”. She laughed. I then told her about the laughing diet. Forty calories a laugh, “wow I am going to be laughing all the time”, she said. “Yes, I said, as I left the store you will be so skinny the next time I see you”.

What does it means to have FUZZY FRIENDS?


FUZZY FRIENDS are usually our pets. They consist of rabbits,gerbils, doggies & kittens. If we train and love them, they become special creatures in our lives. They love us unconditionally. That means if we fail to measure up or fit into the traditional boxes that society tries to put us in, our pets will still be waiting for us at the door when we come home. After a hard stressful day’s work, we can drop our problems as we are greeted and we respond by showing affection, talking and petting them and they always return the favor. They never tell us we are too fat, skinny or stupid or unworthy. A bunny responds with kisses from a small wet nose. A kitten reacts with a seductive purr as she waltzes between our ankles and rubs against our pants leg. The dog runs in circles and barks delightfully now that you have arrived home.

I never realized how much nature’s animals could fill a void in ones life until I got my first pet dog. I had been frequently told by an angry abusive stepfather, “we don’t want any animals here.” That was usually after I had picked up a stray dog and cared for it and upon returning from school found it missing. When I questioned my stepfather, he replied, “the owner wanted his dog back, what could I do?” I knew he was lying.

At twenty years old a fiancée bought me a diamond wristwatch and laughed when I exclaimed I wanted a dog instead, “you’ve got to be kidding” Luckily he traded the watch in for a cute little chocolate poodle. I add a word of caution here, because animals should be a part of a family and deciding to have one is a big decision. Too many animals have been abandoned and hurt in our current society. I thought I was so careful with my dog, but the only evening I let him off leash he ran across the street. I stood in horror at the corner seeing the approaching car and knowing I was helpless. There was only one car that went down the street that solemn night and it was the one that hit him. I heard the car full of teenagers laugh as they drove off into the sad awesome darkness. Luckily my dog was killed instantly. But I soon realized how I had taken him for granted. I missed the comfort, the affection the unconditional love that he had showered upon me for only two short years.

Even if we don’t have fuzzy friends, human friends are important too. We need to cherish them and not take them for granted. Real human friendships are hard to find and they don’t always love you unconditionally. But I submit to you that GOD is your true friend. You can have a relationship with him. He loves you! His bible verses comfort you and he does love you unconditionally. Don’t take GOD for granted by taking him off the shelve only when you sense a crisis. He is waiting at the door when you come home from work. He wants your love and prayers too! Remember FUZZY FRIENDS and human friends are important. But only one true friend will be there with you for all time and eternity. MAKE GOD YOUR FRIEND TODAY!

Fuzzy Friends book on

Fuzzy Friends book on




MARRIAGE-WHEN THE BUBBLE BURSTS    What is the truth about marriage? There isn’t a perfect marriage and therefore, people usually walk away when fantasy clashes with reality and it always does. The bible says “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” And not free from Marriage but giving you more freedom to love for the right reasons. Pastor Joel Pagett says, “it’s called the LOVE BUG.” It bites us when we think it is the right person, time and place. We are bitten and think we will live happily ever after with that person.” Consequently, the LOVE BUG FLIES OFF when we are faced with crisis and minor problems. Because we confuse Romance with true Love, when the bug flies off we feel we need to move on too. Needless to say, if two people stand together in love through the challenges the bond can again blossom and become stronger. Unselfish love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love isn’t always me first. Love doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score, always looks for the best, but never looks back. So what do people usually do when the bubble bursts? Following are five examples some not so good. You be the judge of what you think is the most beneficial. AND PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!

  1. WE pressure our mate, manipulate and blame them for our displeasures.
  2. Start searching for the right one!
  3. Realize lasting happiness can be found in only one person GOD!
  4. CHANGE our lives and become the right person and become more GOD-LIKE!
  5. LOOK TO GOD for our joy and not to others.

I pray that you will find the answer in your mind and let GOD into your HEART. When you have a relationship with GOD, then HELP is on the way. Be patient and put your trust in him. Our relationships are important. You are IMPORTANT. CHOOSE GOD, CHOOSE LOVE! REMEMBER, “HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU.”


Why do we need a Plan??????

Hey what is the Salvation Bus? What does salvation mean? The good old dictionary says “saving a person from evil.” One religion says “saving one from the consequences that might affect them in an afterlife.” My friend says” preparing to be with GOD not just “winging it.” That is “winging your life.” Why do have to have a plan or guide for living and preparing for an afterlife? What’s wrong with winging it? I can only tell you the story about my friend Pam in her own words:

I awoke one morning from a night of partying. How long had I been lying on the hard marble kitchen floor? I was still in my bright red silk party dress. My red swede shoes were thrown nearby and one appeared to have a broken heel. Had I fallen? Now I remember, my long time boyfriend and I had a horrible fight. He told me he didn’t love me anymore and that we were breaking up. I remember him slamming the door to my apartment and being left utterly alone crying in the darkness of the empty room. And then I had grabbed the bottle of wine and consumed most of it before I guess I had passed out. Dulled by the liquor, I didn’t have to feel the pain of loss and the thought of ending it all. My dear friend Angie had questioned me earlier in the week about my lifestyle and the boyfriend that was really just using me. She had told me, “God has a plan for your life it is for good not evil, it is for hope not despair.” She told me that I needed to realize that God cared and Jesus was a bridge to a better life. It was a chance for salvation and would I jump on the Salvation Bus with her, because there were passengers there that really saw the consequences of a destructive life and wanted to have a relationship with God. They wanted to be saved. It all sounded like a bunch of hooey to me!

Why would I want to have a relationship with a Savior who I trusted and wanted to guide my life? Why would I want to prepare for eternal life that would bring me peace and joy? What would I have to give up to achieve that? It was just too overwhelming to think about. But as the empty pain of loss filled the pit of my stomach, her words echoed into my ears. The words didn’t seem to be so stupid after all. I called her! As I sobbed into the phone, she gently prayed with me and that morning I gave my life to Jesus. It felt wonderful to let GOD take control and to know that I was going to jump on the Salvation Bus with Angie. My life now was going to get better, because I had a plan. My days of winging it were over.

Later that night the phone rang. It was my boyfriend explaining he was sorry. He didn’t want to break up and he had made a mistake. My mind froze for what seemed to be forever. My heart answered. Yes, I’m sorry too but I’m afraid I’ve given my love to someone else. Someone who loves me unconditionally and I’ll be jumping on the Salvation Bus. “What, What are you insane? What are you talking about,” he shouted. Sorry I exclaimed as I politely slammed down the phone. “I GOT A BUS TO CATCH!”

What do you want? Come and see. Find a forever Savior and open that door. Are you ready? The road ahead is not easy, but it will lead to your Salvation. Yes, gather others. Jump on that bus and go down that road. Come with me and change the world with me!




Since February 14 is Valentine’s Day one must feel the need to write about LOVELove is described in many ways. This dictionary definition pops out at me! Love is to hold dear, show respect and to cherish. Too many people confuse love with lust and too often when these terms are mixed up someone gets hurt. That topic is perhaps for another blog. Lust is best described as unrestrained, uncontrolled sexual desire. Does that seem like the above description of Love? I am wondering how the two can be confused. LOVE in the Bible is described as perfect love: CORINTHIANS 13:4-8 There are sixteen proclamations. IS it possible to keep all sixteen? I don’t think so. The following are seven taken from those passages:


This sounds like a great love to have in a relationship especially a marriage. I am prone to say that following just the seven above could make a great marriage and that not following these tenets would probably lean towards ending a marriage. Having perfect LOVE is difficult in a marriage and can be even harder in a longer lasting relationship. It is so easy to get angry, feel hurt or abandoned when we don’t get our own way. Marriage indeed is undeniably compromise and some spouses indeed refuse to compromise. In your relationships, I hope that you are being cherished and honored and respected. And that you are indeed cherishing your loved ones too! You deserve the BEST in life! I hope for you that not just this month, but also every day, month and year you will receive and enjoy LOVE! REMEMBER TOO WHEN YOU FEEL UNLOVED BY OTHERS… THAT GOD ALWAYS LOVES YOU!

Love Soul Mates


Recently the public who loves to come up with new ideas or rework old ones came up with the magic words SOUL MATE. I am seeing it everywhere. If you are to fall in love, it must be with your SOUL MATE and that is what drives you to create a loving relationship or a marriage. If he or she is not your SOUL MATE then your relationship is doomed. I have heard people express the reasons for leaving a long marriage or relationship as “WELL THEY JUST WERE NOT MY SOUL MATE.” What does that mean? Does it mean they must delete their long-term relationship in search for the one and only that will make them complete. Did our parents or grandparents stay in long relationships even if they weren’t with a SOUL MATE??? And does this generation really know what the definition of SOUL MATE IS???There are really several definitions and I guess one can choose to form their own opinion and based on that they can conclude what to look for in their perfect relationship. But is this just a romantic notion promoted in movies and T.V.????

According to Webster’s Dictionary SOULMATE means a person who has deep affinity to another. Friendship, love, sex, compatibility and TRUST. Trust being a very essential component. The Religious definition of a soul is a material force within a human being thought to give the body energy, life and power. The soul then is described as immortal, spirit vitality or a sign of a person’s psyche. Also, it can be a person’s essence, emotion, or core. Most people think it is a harmonious, blissful, and symbiotic union. BUT a SOUL MATE UNION can be rough, because after all people are human and they can behave in human and inhuman ways. According to recent articles, a SOUL MATE is not someone who appears on ones perfect person check list and a lot of times physical appearance is not part of the equation. There are various sites you can go to that will give you terms and conditions and even a checklist of what a SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP can be. However I am going to list ten that I think are important.

You feel their thinking and their pain

You know and accept their flaws

You have the same values, ethics, goals and want the same results

You can really communicate (meaning talking and listening)

You can respect their differences and opinions

You don’t scream, call names or curse at your partner

You don’t hurt each other

You are giving and generous

You can apologize

You can stick with them through the hard times

Also, it is important to note that often one partner is introverted and one is extroverted and that one can be social and one not social. Sometimes you can be like a puzzle piece that sometimes doesn’t fit until adjusted. Often you are attracted to one another to complete the missing pieces. But most importantly hugs are given several times a day and warmth is a component of your hearts. Actually these components seem like they could be available in any good relationship.

According to the religious beliefs even before you were born your spiritual half has been determined and each soul has a perfect match. True spiritual SOUL MATE is the one who is intended to help you complete yourself. A person cannot complete his mission alone. Someone is there to help them become a better person. And when one tries to help another on that journey it cannot always be blissful as some determine the perfect SOUL MATE relationship to be.

As ECCLESIASTES says, “TWO are better than one because they have a good reward for their hard work for if one should fall the other can raise his/her partner up, but how will it be if one falls and there is not another to raise him up” Love and relationships are important! Being honest sincere and committed helps you to see a better vision of yourself. You have to push beyond your comfort zone and be brave enough to have open eyes and an open heart. A relationship with God can be just as important and can enhance your life.

I wish for you, a loving caring relationship with a special person and a loving caring relationship with GOD.